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Client Testimonials

While visiting my very first Dressage called “Landers Farm” many years ago, I was immediately taken, noting that boarders (members of KCDS) were so highly motivated and seriously working on their careers as talented riders, instructors and trainers. . .I was hooked. Lessons by instructors, dressage clinics, and loving care for these horses were the norm.

One notably kind and enthusiastic instructor stood out from most, introduced as Karin Glynn from Norway, who continues to be a role model for the serious rider. Acquiring skills to be the best she can be as an instructor and long time student of this beautiful art, her journey has taken her through many experiences with well know trainers and riders with horses of all levels. Her ability to ride horses up to  Grand Prix as a USDF competitor is an outstanding accomplishment, as well as KCDS bronze, silver and gold medal awards! Truly a champion at heart.

My admiration for dedicated top-level performers stirred my curiosity enough to pursue Dressage myself as I was a novice rider. I took lessons from Karin not only to improve my riding skills, but also to get to know the person behind this passion for excellence hoping some of her wisdom could guide and enlighten my own journey.

Karin Glynn carries forward the traditional Classic Principles of Dressage. Her knowledge stems from an on-going training discipline, dedicated daily practice, and showing. Her connections within the dressage community contributed to my understanding and appreciation for how much time and focus it takes to become the picture of riding perfection.

The depth and athleticism of dressage unfolds to deeper layers as I pursue this art. Karin’s approach toward excellence has been such an inspiration for me, and as I stay with the task set before me I begin to see the development of how Karin’s teaching has improved my concepts of effective riding. There is a tried and true saying I’ve heard, “A highly effective teacher, therefore, is mostly known by whose students show the most improvement.”

If your goal is to take on the challenge of dressage riding, Karin Glynn will head you in the right direction. I look forward to continued enjoyment and successful training within the discipline of Dressage: Bringing out the best in horse and rider.

         Cynthia Petrehn

Karin Glynn is an exceptional trainer and instructor. You have only to see how well mannered her own horses are. She has the knowledge and tempermant to train any horse from foal to senior.

As an instructor, Karin excels well beyond most. She teaches her students as she trains her horses; with kindness and respect. Being a great rider herself, she has the ability to not only instruct from the ground, but to get on your horse and actually SHOW you how to do it properly.

So whether you are a child, or an FEI rider, there is no better person to help you and your horse form a better partnership.

MA Donaldson

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Youth Student Testimonials

The Kindest Kansas Citian - Karin Glynn

By Claire Shumway

To me, Karen Glynn is my kindest Kansas Citian because....she teaches me how to ride horses.  When I make a mistake she does not yell at me.  She says, for example, "back straight."  Then I get my back straight.  She says "good".  She has been teaching me for a year.  She also teaches me and has a Christmas Party.  Everyone that rides horses and ponies with her gets to come along with their families!  I can get pretty crowded.  Karin is nice enough to have it at her home.  I very much enjoy being taught how to ride by Karin Glynn.

Who's That?

By Chance Donaldson

My name is Chance Donaldson and while I have been around horses my whole life, I just recently acquired an interest in them.  I started riding at age 7 but got serious about it just this last year when I took some lessons from Karin Glynn.  Then I really started feeling a love for these majestic creatures.

The best experience I've had, happened between me and my Quarter Horse Rocco (age 11), during one particular ride, our minds were like one and we communicated so well it was a very fun experience.  That's why I want to pursue Dressage; it is an excellent way to bond with your horse and teaches teamwork to the horse and rider.

I joined KCDS not only to learn about Dressage, but to learn from other riders and to share experiences and make new friends.  Now, I can't wait until the next ride and the rest to come in this lifelong, fun learning experience.

Chance Donaldson & "Ricco"

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