Clinic Rates


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$500 per single day clinic, of up to 8 riders within 30 minutes of downtown Kansas City. 

Out of town clinics, please  add expenses and travel.
Please call or contact us for availability and  additional information


(913) 262-6912

 Dressage & Horsemanship Clinics


The principles of Dressage are universally transferable to ALL disciplines of riding, including those interested in simple pleasure or trail riding with no aspirations of entering the show pen!

Do you want to have a closer relationship with your horse? Does your horse lack respect or skill at either the basic horsemanship level or in performing certain maneuvers?   Do you want to expand your understanding of Dressage or basic principles of horsemanship?   Consider coming to a Karin Glynn Clinic at Blue Sky Farms or hosting a clinic at your facility.

Karin conducting a recent clinic near Lillehammer, Norway

Clinics start with ground "games" for younger or less experienced horses to build their confidence and understanding, then move on to basic horsemanship and Dressage fundamentals.  Older,  or more finished horses, are schooled based on the principles of Dressage with a focus on balance, position and proper execution of maneuvers.

Clinics are customized to ensure all horses and riders participating learn at their own pace and at their personal level of comfort.

Karin demonstrating during a Clnic at Blue Sky Farms

Karin's goal is to have every clinic participant enriched by the experience and leave empowered with new confidence to continue to progress in their chosen discipline - whether Dressage or not!   

Contact us to inquire about clinic options!

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